Why Trek in Nepal?

Trek in Nepal is one of the most popular holiday activities, especially for those who love adventure. Here are some reasons why to trek in Nepal.


Walking to the Himalayan region, you can explore the airborne peaks. Eight tallest peaks out of fourteen are in Nepal and you get such rare opportunity to explore those stunning peaks. Beside this, walking through the forest ups and down trail, meadows and glacial moraines are remarkable. Of course, the wildlife sceneries (flora, fauna and bird) can be seen spectacular.


During the trekking in Nepal, you will get diverse attractions. Though Nepal is a tiny country, it has got all the features, from tropical altitude to the alpine one. The landscape is divided into three parts: the Himalayan, the hilly region and the terai (plain land) region. While you walk, you pass various settlements. In Everest region, Sherpa people populate the trekking areas. In Annapurna, there are mixed settlements along with Gurung and Magar. In the terai region, Madhesi communities populate. Diversity can be seen not only in the geographical features, but also in the social groups, culture, customs, costumes and hospitality. Diversity in terms of the natural resources and source of recreation, which trekking in Nepal covers.


Trek in Nepal draws you closer with the local people and their livelihood practices. Trekkers get surprised to meet the friendly and hospitable people. They love to welcome trekkers in their localities. Their culture and traditional pattern of life is remarkable. As there is altitude variation, the diversity in people and their daily livelihood.


Trekking in Nepal is safe and even in adventurous trips in the Himalayas, safety measures are fully applied along with acclimatization. Though AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) can occur but acclimatization and some safety practices can remove this possibility. Treks are better to be done in groups in terms of safety taking the help of guide and porters. However, solo trekking is also safe now a day. You can walk to your route of interests that robbery, theft and assault like problems rarely take place in the trekking regions of Nepal.


Trekking in Nepal is mostly done in the mountainous region. Though you have numerous trips in the lower altitude region, generally trek goes over 3000 meters. Everest base camp trek goes up to 5545 meters, Everest high passes up to 5555 meters, Round Annapurna up to 5416 meters, Annapurna base camp 4130 meters, Manaslu 5160 meters and so on. It proves to be world class treks. The alpine snow capped Himalayas, glaciers, Lakes and Rivers can be explored in the high altitude region. 

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